Client Stories

Like proud parents we love talking about our clients and their success. See how CSI STARS programs support our clients’ values and improves their employee experiences

Better Service. New Ideas.

“We switched to CSI STARS and have had excellent service which adapts to our growing employee roster and changing needs for recognition” – Jared Branch, Senior HR Manager, Webber.

Service. Symbolism. Savings.

“CSI STARS customer service is phenomenal. They allow us to focus on recognizing our employees while they work behind the scenes to ensure the program runs seamlessly. – Diana Enriquez, Plains All American.

Healthcare – Maximum Value, Limited Budget

CSI STARS helped this large employee health network maximize the value of their Service Award Program. We designed a non-monetary peer-to-peer social recognition website that includes ALL employees along with personalized awards for first and third year anniversaries. All this within their existing budget.

A Retirement Program with a New Face

For the past 25 years, employees retiring from this hospital received a watch as a symbol of appreciation for their many years of service. CSI STARS designed a cost-neutral enhanced retirement program for all retirees that provides choice to employees and a simple administrative process for HR. The program kicked off in Jan 2018 with glowing reviews. Employees love the gifts, managers appreciate the training and HR loves the simplicity.

Healthcare with a Twist

CSI STARS is proud to be the service anniversary partner for this community hospital and other hospitals in its family.

This community hospital’s service program is like no other. Their unique “twist” on a traditional service program and banquet connects the youngest and most senior caregivers/staff in a memorable and awesome way.

Employees choose | We deliver

This organization was spending $100 on a custom statue for every 5 years of service. HR felt they were overpaying for a symbolic gift and wanted a program that better reflected their younger demographic’s preference for technology while still honoring tradition.

a picture of man named ryan draper and environment/health and safety manager

Staying safe depends on doing the right thing all day, every day…even when nobody is looking. Learn how CSISTARS helped Shape a Culture of Safety (and improve “near miss” & process improvement reporting by 920%). 95% of employees now feel their company has a culture that promotes safety.

A Service Anniversary Program that's Building a Culture of Recognition - Globally

This client’s Service Anniversary program has been so well received it’s being expanded to recognize all employees globally, with many local personal touches. Case in point, the Canadian office created a retirement banner (similar to a retired hockey jersey). During the Service Award presentation, the jersey is presented to the retiree and permanently hung from rafters in the production facility to honor their life long contributions to the company.

Putting People First

Each year 75 employees receive CSI STARS service awards, presented publicly during a special Service Award Banquet. CSI STARS sends recipients a “Save the Date” invitation and prepares a personalized program guide with their picture, bio and personal message. It’s an emotional evening of meaningful speeches that truly make team members feel they are part of something bigger than their job.

  • We switched to CSI and have had excellent service which adapts to our growing employee roster and changing needs for recognitionJared Branch, Senior HR Manager, Webber
  • Just wanted to let you know I received my anniversary packet and WOW was I impressed! Another employee received theirs and said how impressed she was with everything and how much she appreciated what I had done. Of course I took all the credit!
    Thank you for all the hard work – CSI STARS definitely improved our program!
    Pamela Migues, HRIS Manager, Dupré Logistics, LLC
  • I just received a batch of service awards for several of my employees. The presentation is so much better! Good job to whoever came up with this idea. This packaging design is really clever and much better than an envelope when taking the time to recognize the employee in front of their peers. This deserves a big thumbs up!! A big thank you for personalizing this important recognition award.
    Michael D. Stirrat - Turner Industries Group L.L.C.
  • Since making the change to CSI in 2008, we’ve saved a substantial amount from our previous provider and our employees love it. The online tracker is very thorough and easy to use. I feel CSI’s award program is one of the best and highly recommend. Jimmy Moore, Director of Human Resources, Flash Foods, Inc.
  • “THANK YOU!!” for coming through for us, going out of your way to meet us, tolerating our demands and accommodating our requests. Whenever the occasion arises, as it often does with HR Directors, I will be recommending CSI’s products and services.France Pelis, Director of Human Resources, SPHR
  • “CSI STARS exemplary customer service will be mentioned as we discuss exceptional examples of taking care of our customers. Thank you CSI for going the extra mile when we needed you the most.Mike Biggers and Sam Huffines, Huffines Chevrolet
  • CSI Stars customer service is phenomenal. They allow us to focus on recognizing our employees while they work behind the scenes to ensure the program runs seamlessly.Diana Enriquez, Plains All American
  • Just to let you know, the feedback on the award and gifts available are wonderful! This is a far better program that we had previously and employees are very impressed.
    Thanks and the feedback has been wonderful.Human Resources, HUBBELL
  • The picture of my dog arrived today and it is the most beautiful piece of art I have ever seen. Took my breath away. What a wonderful gift. Thank you!!Susan Swoboda. Dir. Global HR Operations, Symmetricom