Client Stories - CCC

One Team on One Mission

The Client

Associated Grocers of Florida (AG) is a proud member-owned Grocery Distribution Company. AG’s customers include many small and large Grocery retail chains, domestically and internationally, in a highly competitive industry.

The Challenge

AG employs 600 hard working employees, many of whom do not have access to technology at work or home. AG needed a streamlined way to promote and reinforce their CARE program – the core values vital to their success and reputation for “doing it right” since 1945.

Customer focus; Accountable actions; Results-driven activities; Excellence in all we do

The Program

CSISTARS worked with AG to design a comprehensive recognition program that can be promoted and implemented both in print AND online. AG’s Nomination, On-the-Spot and Service Anniversary programs enable managers to recognize excellence and performance at the right time, in the manner that is motivating to that person.

Employees love being publicly recognized on AG news stream monitors in the lobby and warehouse. They also love being able to choose from a huge selection of awards in both a custom print catalogue and an online shopping site.

The Results

AG is a recognition trailblazer in their industry. The visible praise, points for performance and selection of gifts has really helped incorporate everyday thanks into the workplace. It has also instilled a sense of pride in person and work while reinforcing AG’s expectations for performance. Don’t just believe us though…here’s what AG has to say about their program…

I wanted to write this letter one year after the rollout of our Online Recognition System with CSI as a testimony to the great efforts and support I’ve received throughout this first year. When my President first asked me to come up with a way to reward performance excellence, I had no idea that my journey would lead me to your organization, but I am glad it did.

There has been a tremendous impact across our organization and a positive shift in employee attitudes and engagement because we are doing the thing that drives engagement – saying “Great job and Thank you” every day across all areas of the business.


The rewards are tangible, personal and impactful, which is what differentiates this program from the traditional reward mechanisms. The system is easy and intuitive to use, which is critical for my management team as well as the success of the mission. Your team has supported my needs flawlessly and I am thrilled to be one of the progressive organizations utilizing this employment management tool.

Again, thank you for all your efforts and support in helping me make Recognition part of our employee proposition”

Iris Cerullo

Vice President of Human Resources, Associated Grocers of Florida