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A Retirement Program with a New Face

The Client

This locally-owned hospital is the preferred healthcare provider in its region due to an emphasis on community wellness and preventive care that was well ahead of its time.

The Program

For the past 25 years, employees retiring from this hospital received a watch as a symbol of appreciation for their many years of service.

In 2017, HR asked employees for feedback on the retirement program. They learned that many employees were either unaware of the retirement gift or found the program a little dated, given today’s digital technology.

CSI STARS designed a cost-neutral enhanced retirement program for all retirees that provides choice to employees and a simple administrative process for HR.

How it Works

The hospital’s program administrator sends each retiring employee a personalized congratulatory email with one of three online award selection shopping links, depending on their years of service.

The retiring employee chooses from over one hundred lifestyle, jewelry, art and commemorative gifts. HR orders the gift, CSI STARS sends the item to the office and the manager presents the hand-selected item during the employee’s retirement celebration.

The Results

The program kicked off in January 2018 and both employees and HR are thrilled with the process and gift selections.

The hospital has seen an uptick in participation and feedback has only been glowing. Employees love the gifts, managers appreciate CSI STARS custom retirement celebration training and HR loves the simplicity.

The diverse and broad gift selection is wonderful! Retiring employees are elated with the choices. CSI STARS manager toolkit is working great and our administrators say the CSI ordering process is easy with a fast turnaround on gifts. Many managers and employees weren’t really aware of our watch program. Now employees who often spend their entire careers with us, leave with a gift they want and a feeling of pride in their contribution.– HR Administrator

CSI STARS offers unique ways to build a culture of recognition.

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