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How do you recognize the many hours, years, sleepless nights, hard work and sweat your employees put into their jobs and your company?

Acrylic and Metal numerals etched with your employee's name and corporate branding

Celebrate Milestones

Personalize your Numerals. Celebrating a company or employee milestone? We’ll custom design a numeral with your core values or symbolic picture along with your branding and employee’s name to enhance the experience. Read more…

Celebrate Milestones packaging

Award Loyalty

Milestones are meant to be celebrated. We’ll make your employees feel like stars with our personalized service anniversary packages.

sample custom designed awards for construction firms

Give Cool Awards

Select one of our industry-specific awards that specifically reflects what you do. Service Anniversary awards designed just for you are a memorable unique way to commemorate a company anniversary or milestone. Contact us to discuss.


Thank employees with our Thank You stickers

Showcase your employees’ experience by adding a years of service sticker to your Service Anniversary program OR custom design stickers for other employee appreciation events. Read more…

Welcome Aboard medallion

Corporate Gifting

Wow employees and promote your values with an initialized gift, complete with your logo and special message. Our Initials line is great for welcome aboard, corporate, service anniversary and on-the-spot gifts. Check them out!

anniversaries with a personalized gift

Recognize 1st and 3rd Year

Recognition is at the heart of retention. Celebrate your employees first and third year anniversaries with a personalized gift that shows you value their contributions.

Recognize the big and little things ALL your employees do everyday with our social recognition dashboard.

Our True Global Rewards

group of glasses, bags, headphones, frame and tablet

Gifts Employees Want

Choose from thousands of popular gifts that motivate and reward. 98% of our gifts are delivered to employees’ doors within three days, regardless of where your people are in the world.

More than 1.2 Million Charities

CSISTARS has partnered with 1.28 million charities worldwide, so your employees can make a difference in a life, community or cause.

No other recognition partner has the breadth we do.