Our Vision

To encourage small acts of recognition by all to enhance cultures and inspire employees to reach for the stars!


Our Mission

To enable companies to recognize others in words, deeds and actions. Since 1979, we’ve been passionately delivering personalized recognition that improves employee engagement and business results.

Our Values

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It’s all about PEOPLE

We care about those we work with and those we serve. We are all about teamwork, building trust and wholeheartedly listening to our customers, partners and each other to achieve superior results.

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INTEGRITY is our backbone

We believe in doing the right thing, standing behind our promises and treating others with respect. We believe in being open, honest, and transparent with our customers, partners and employees.

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We have a PASSION for our Work

We have a passion for creating personalized recognition experiences employees will remember. We are committed to being a great partner and a great place to work.

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We look for personal and unique ways to inspire, recognize and reward people for doing their best. We try new things and continually invest in new technologies without losing focus on what really matters. This guides our entrepreneurial spirit.

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We Stand by our RESULTS

We aspire to make a measurable difference every day in the lives of people and the community. We simplify and amplify recognition efforts so our partners achieve their goals – measurably.

Our Story


In 1979 CSISTARS was incorporated. The founder, Jack Rogers crafted a unique way to personalize watches for retiring employees. Company executives appreciated the status and symbolism of presenting a timeless gift elegantly inset with their company’s medallion. These special watches were a source a pride cherished by recipients and keepsake pieces known to be handed down generations.

By the early 80s Jack joined forces with Steven Brown and together they saw an opportunity to inlay gold or silver medallions on other award items including writing instruments, desk accessories, clocks, and more to recognize years of service milestones. The CSI Medallion line was officially formed. This line was perfectly suited for clients who were proud of their brand and wanted to offer symbolic gifts to their employees and customers.

What started out as a small watch studio has grown into a global recognition company with clients in 63 countries. Today CSISTARS has two locations; one in Toronto Canada and the second in Niagara Falls, NY and proudly employs more than 100 people. While we still honor time (and have amazing watches) CSISTARS has grown to specialize in personalized recognition items and technology that encourages everyone to recognize others in words, deeds and actions.

“Since 1979, we’ve been passionately delivering personalized recognition that inspires employees to reach for the stars”.