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Strengthen Your Culture
Recognize Employee Contributions
Increase Retention

Does your service anniversary program
recognize ALL employees?
You’re not alone, most programs don’t.

The workplace has changed. CSISTARS provides an enhanced Service Award solution that touches ALL employees for significantly greater impact on engagement, culture and retention.

Keep the traditional elements of your Service Anniversary program while adding social recognition, peer-to-peer thank you and onboarding tools – without any set up or monthly fee.

Our service award programs can operate independently or on the same platform as our Engagement and Performance programs with one single sign-on

Easy Administration

Save time, avoid late files, reduce embarrassing admin errors and run real-time reports with HRIS integration. Tell me more…

Employee Social Recognition Tools

Send thanks, welcome new hires and congratulate ALL employees throughout the year while still rewarding those who achieve anniversary milestones. Tell me more…

Meaningful Awards and Packaging

Choose from a wide selection of tax compliant commemorative and lifestyle gifts presented in beautiful and meaningful presentation packages. Tell me more…

Communications and Training

We’re really good at this. We coach your managers and keep your program communications new and exciting from one year to the next. Tell me more…

Support At Your Fingertips

Our concierge team supports your employees and program administrators, at home and work. We aren’t happy unless you are delighted with our service and awards. Tell me more…