Heros in the Race for Zero

Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed to so few.

– Winston Churchill

[definition of a hero: someone whose altruistic actions involve
an element of personal risk or sacrifice]

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This where our community shares kind words and stories of appreciation for today’s front line heroes.

Meals TO Heal
Meals TO Heal is a volunteer-driven initiative that has raised over $43,000 to provide 2800 nutritious meals to hospital staff.

Astronaut or covid nurse?
My niece is a travelling nurse assigned to the COVID ward at Providence Holy Cross. This wasn’t an assignment she had to take.

Shoutout to my daughter
I’d like to give a big, proud shoutout to my Hero, my daughter Jessica Painter. She is standing strong on the front line in the fight against Covid19.
My mom is my hero
My mom is my personal hero! Her name is Gretchen Heard I want to recognize her dedication. – Colin

North York General's own Heroes Shoutout Board
North York General’s own Heroes Shoutout Board curated by their grateful community. An awesome act of support and recognition.

Recognizing a “Jack of all trades” Hero
I’d like to recognize a Hero in the Race to Zero. My brother-in-law Kris Woodard is a Captain in the Army leading a team directing assets and support to the areas hardest hit by coronavirus.