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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has CSI STARS been around?

We’ve been helping North American companies recognize their employees since 1979. We provide in-country product fulfillment in over 63 countries, supporting 16 languages.

How many clients does CSI STARS have?

We have over 300 clients in a cross section of industries including retail, entertainment, energy, technology, healthcare, financial/insurance, construction, manufacturing and distribution.

Why do clients choose CSI STARS products and services?

  1. We offer an amazing Service Awards program. We’ve been recognizing service anniversaries for a long time and do it really well. We are the only partner that offers non-monetary social recognition that touches ALL employees. We also offer a total recognition system with points, a stand-alone onboarding program and a huge choice of rewards.
  2. We are entrepreneurial by nature and pride ourselves in solving problems and tailoring programs to our clients’ needs and budgets. We aren’t a boxed solution.
  3. We are lean. We are very cost conscious in all our activities (including marketing) which allows us to pass these savings along to our clients. We can do what the big players do, for a better price.

How long does it typically take to implement a CSI STARS program?

A traditional Service Award program typically takes 4-6 weeks to set up. A Service Awards program with social recognition tools might take a couple extra weeks. A total Recognition points program usually takes 6-10 weeks.

What is the process?

CSI STARS Implementation Director will collaborate with your project manager to complete the Statement of Work. Once this is approved, you and the CSI team will get to work as needed based on program requirements.

Do you integrate with HRIS systems?

Absolutely. We’ve done integrations with most, if not all HRIS providers, including:

  • Workday
  • PeopleSoft
  • Ultipro
  • ADP
  • Salesforce

Is your system optimized for mobile?

Yes. With responsive design our system recognizes the user’s device type and operating system.
We provide a recognition icon users can add to any device and have one-click access.

Can employees seamlessly access CSI STARS system from an employee Intranet, SharePoint, etc.?

Yes. A single sign-on allows employees to access the system from whatever internal system you would like. We provide a recognition icon users can add to any device for one-click access.

What awards do you offer?

Employees can choose from a large selection of Service Award gifts within their price-point/service level.

For our total recognition points system, CSI STARS offers employees hundreds of Commemorative (company branded) items and over 100K brand-name merchandise choices, including:

  • National retailer/restaurant gift cards
  • Downloadable content – music, movies and books
  • Travel – air, hotel, car rental and more
  • Experiential activities, e.g., balloon rides, race car driving, etc.
  • Event tickets – concerts, theater, sporting events and more sortable by destination city

Do you charge extra for packaging?

Our Celebration Packet is included with every Service Award presentation.
There are additional costs for the Celebration Lite and Deluxe boxes. The cost varies by what item you include in the box.

How do you make your money?

With Service Awards we make a margin on the awards. Our total recognition system model is flexible, but most often there is a reasonable implementation/setup fee, monthly hosting/management and a small markup on the awards.

Do you offer training?

Yes. We assist our clients with program launch training for all user levels, training for new hires/managers and administrators.

Most often we collaborate with our clients on content development and delivery for all aspects of the program/system including the effective presentation for all types of recognition.

We can provide a combination of printed material (tent cards, payroll stuffers, posters), web meetings, videos and in-person consultation. Some of our clients will have a LMS in place, and we complement that. We offer follow-up testing and support and encourage you to use the Recognition Coach feature, a simple click to contact us.

Who are your competitors?

Traditional recognition companies and Incentive companies attempting to be in the engagement and recognition space.

Over the last ten years, tech startups have emerged that understand technology quite well, but most often have minimal experience on how to budget, design and implement effective recognition programs that drive engagement and ROI.

What do I need to spend?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer as many factors come into play.

  • Your objectives
  • Number of employees
  • Your compensation for target audience. The industry often dictates if you’re in a high or low-margin business

A good rule of thumb is about $100/FTE with 1-2% of base pay not being unrealistic.

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