Client Stories

A Service Program with a “Twist”

The Client

Rooted in kindness, this community hospital has been providing humane, accessible healthcare services to people for over one hundred years.

The Program – Laughter and Loyalty

CSI STARS is proud to be the service anniversary partner for this community hospital and other hospitals in its family.

This community hospital’s service program is like no other. Their unique “twist” on a traditional service program and banquet connects the youngest and most senior caregivers/staff in a memorable and awesome way.

Each year the hospital does something a little special for team members. Employees celebrating five year milestones along with their families are brought together for a fun “themed” thank you party. Think roaring twenties, 80s night, surf & sand…

CSI STARS helps this community hospital communicate their pinnacle event with custom themed brochures and posters to create excitement for the party and communicate details on costume, date and location.

Each employee celebrating a service milestone receives a meaningful package from their manager with a personalized framed certificate and custom gift brochure in the year’s party theme. Employees are invited to the party and able to choose a gift from a wide variety of popular electronics, sunglasses, bags, art and jewelry – available in print or from an online gallery.

The Results

This hospital does many things well to attract, retain and develop people. At the core of their success is a focus on the health and happiness of caregivers and staff. By bringing people together to say thank you and celebrate accomplishments in a fun, light-hearted way, the hospital creates a meaningful human connection that translates into patients and people who are happy, healthy, and whole.

CSI STARS offers unique ways to build a culture of recognition.

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