Rewarding Rewards

Recognize performance with rewards that show employees you care about them, your community and the world. Employees can donate reward points to a charity close to their heart, redeem for brand-name gifts delivered locally (reducing your carbon footprint) or for once in a lifetime experiences.

hands with flags of various countries painted on them, raised up

WE DELIVER A Wide variety of GLOBAL rewards!

With fulfillment in 63 countries, there is no better source for your employee recognition programs, and no one offers more comprehensive global rewards and brands. Our True Global™ Rewards online catalog is searchable by keywords, point value range or category. Items can be easily added or filtered out as needed.

television set


Millions of merchandise awards including premier global name brands – fulfilled in-country


Real-time Travel Services

Simple and easy to use


Experiential Getaways

Unique experiences create memories for a lifetime

the audience at the concert

Event Tickets

Access to the world’s most exciting events

gift cards

Gift Cards

Retail, restaurant and more. Global vouchers

music, movies, books

Music, Movies, & Books

Download online for immediate enjoyment


Give Back

With over one million charities to choose from, employees can use their points to help improve life for others around the world


All our global rewards are:

a globe
  • Culturally-appropriate
  • Locally fulfilled
  • No duty or tariff charges

We strive to deliver a consistent
user experience regardless of location

  • At login, our system recognizes the location of the user
  • Our software ensures that each of your programs will function the same
  • We offer 16 languages
  • Geo-Indexing to ensure award value parity