Working Well

A safe and healthy workplace is one of the building blocks for a vibrant culture of engaged employees.

The workplace is the fifth leading
cause of death in the United States

There’s a reason so many employers are prioritizing the health, well-being and safety of their employees with incentive programs. Countless accidents and injuries can be prevented if workers are more engaged and motivated to:

  • report “near misses”
  • get involved in workplace safety and health management
  • achieve accident and injury-free months, personally and as a team
  • make healthy lifestyle choices

Employers who implement well-designed wellness and safety incentive programs experience:

  • reduced workers’ compensation insurance rates
  • fewer injuries
  • employees who return to work more quickly after an injury or illness
  • less absenteeism
  • more satisfied and productive employees

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration incentive programs can be an important tool to promote workplace safety and health.

CSI STARS Safety Incentive Programs

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Organizations that operate with a culture of safety operate more efficiently, are respected by their communities and have employees who do the right things (even when no one is watching).

CSISTARS platform
shapes a culture
where people come first

increase in near misses
fewer injuries
belief in a culture of safety

CSISTARS Wellness and Safety programs are used by clients in the healthcare, construction, oil & gas, manufacturing, mining and defense sectors. Many of our clients operate in remote locations requiring employees to be away from their homes, families and friends for weeks at a time. This creates a unique work environment, where keeping people safe and connected is a top priority.

We make it easy!

CSISTARS mobile-friendly platform digitizes, simplifies and increases “near miss” reporting while rewarding the behaviors and actions that keep your employees safe.

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Our Points Pay

Reward employees for doing the right things, even when no one is looking. Employees earn points for participating and achieving their safety or health goals. Their points can be redeemed for popular merchandise, sports tickets, travel, time off and more.
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You Matter to Us, What Matters to You

Check in with employees throughout the year to see how your programs are working, solicit feedback and gain valuable workplace insights with our polls and quizzes.

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Reinforce Success, no matter how small

Employees who are recognized for their progress are more likely to achieve their goals. Reinforce behaviors along the way. Our peer-to-peer and many social recognition tools make encouraging and rewarding others for progress, achievement and suggestions a part of the daily routine…

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Encourage Friendly Competition

Broadcast goals, track progress and promote results – privately or publicly. Create some friendly competition using our Leaderboards to spur results and increase communications within and across teams.

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