Welcome New Hires
Improve Communication
Increase Retention

First impressions matter.

Want to ensure your new employees feel welcomed, ready to work, and happy they chose your organization?

CSISTARS Onboarding Program doesn’t end on the Friday of your new employees’ first week on the job. It continues over the span of several months and significantly influences how employees feel about your organization and its promises.

CSISTARS guides you through the Onboarding process with a series of scheduled touch points and feedback tools to make sure your new hires are thriving, not floundering.

1. Prevent unnecessary turnover

– identify issues before they escalate with scheduled check-ins and pulse surveys at the 60 and 180 day points.

2. Turn new employees into your best ambassadors

– use social tools and company branded items to recognize and reward your new employees for actions that reflect your culture and values

3. Improve communication and teamwork

– use social onboarding tools so peers can welcome new hires facilitating interactions critical for social acceptance

Welcome Aboard Gifts

CSI STARS Initials line of Welcome Aboard gifts can be purchased as standalone items or part of a more comprehensive CSI STARS Onboarding program. Each gift is embedded with a two-sided metal medallion; one side engraved with a Welcome Aboard message and the other with your full color logo. We have 14 professional and practical gifts to choose from. Check them out here

a black steel plate with a Welcome Aboard writing
a black opened business notebook and pen with it
A black backpack

Onboarding Designed by You, Supported by Us!

For a nickel less per hour per new employee you can fund a new Onboarding strategy that provides the tools, administration and recognition awards that make new employees feel valued and vested in your organization.
Setting your employees up for success the first year with a focused Onboarding Program improves engagement and retention for years to come, saving companies millions of dollars annually.
CSISTARS can design a stand-alone Onboarding program with the features that best meet your objectives and budget or integrate into a more comprehensive Engagement and Performance platform that encourages everyday recognition throughout the workplace.