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Plains | All American Pipeline, L.P. Service. Symbolism. Savings.

CSISTARS personalized touches make Plains All American employees feel valued.

The Client

Plains All American employs more than 4,800 employees, is a Fortune company, ranks as a top place to work in Houston and takes top honors in EnergyPoint Research Customer Satisfaction surveys. Plains knows their competitive strength is in how they treat their people.

The Problem

Plains All American felt they needed a more personalized way to recognize their proud, multi-generational workforce and wanted a local partner who could support their strategic initiatives.

The Solution

CSISTARS consulted with the Plains team to identify what’s working, what’s not,
along with their current and future goals. Attracting young workers, recognizing employees more and retaining experienced longtime employees were the three measures of success. CSISTARS implemented a series of recognition programs to allow the company to recognize more people, in more personal ways. Some highlights:

  • Plains “Welcome Aboard” program provides management touches & branded awards
  • Keepsake Service Award presentation packages honor loyalty and hard work
  • Choices in symbolic, lifestyle, and brand name awards for diverse employees
  • A dedicated client relationship manager to support Plains administrators & employees
  • A local, experienced strategic recognition consultant who works to ensure the program is running smoothly and aligned with key objectives

Personal Welcome

Field and office employees are welcomed to the team with one of four onboarding awards, a powerbank set, journal, coaster or valuables bag with branded multitool and flashlight.

Welcome aboard
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Milestone Presentation Packaging

A personalized package with thank you letter, certificate, sticker, and choice of award from brochure or online site. Recipients and their managers receive a congratulatory email and ordering reminders.

Anniversary Awards and Presentation Packaging
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Symbolic Awards

Employees achieving five plus
years of service have the opportunity to pick their symbolic award when they make their award selection.

Symbolic Awards
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Personalized Touches

Plains is a member of the Human Resources Liquid Pipeline Roundtable, offering a number of practical awards to LPR members…personalized with
their branding.

Personalized Touches
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The Results

Plains All American now has a recognition partner looking out for the best interests of their diverse people with a dedicated customer care team, personalized presentation materials, motivating award choices, and strategic recognition.

“CSISTARS customer service is phenomenal. They allow us to focus on recognizing our employees while they work behind the scenes to ensure the program runs seamlessly.
– Diana Enriquez, Plains All American

CSI STARS offers unique ways to build a culture of recognition.

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