One Platform Multiple Programs

Enable, manage and measure all your recognition programs, including Service Awards, on one platform

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Single Sign-On

CSI STARS recognition technology lets you:

  • Access your program from anywhere, on any device
  • Choose one or multiple programs, depending on your goals
  • Stream video and social feeds
  • Use advanced budgeting and reporting tools
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What does Mobile-Optimized mean?

Is it an “App”?

No, it’s better. CSI STARS “responsive” design lets employees have the same experience and functionality on their mobile device as they have on their desktop.

From their mobile device, employees simply open the link to their company’s recognition website and add to their home screen. A custom icon will be created for easy access.

We do things this way as “Apps” often lack client branding, have less functionality and require time-consuming App Store approvals.

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Integrates with your HRIS

We work with your data, however you want to provide it, saving you time and money.

  • 3rd party and internal HRIS
  • Automated Updates

Send us your data, we’ll do the work

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Advanced Budgeting and Reporting Capabilities

Our budgeting capabilities, manager reporting tools and insightful analytics allow your managers to easily track participation and performance indicators. Our reporting features are endless and easy to use.

  • Hierarchy driven
  • Real-time data
  • Visual navigation
  • Defined metrics
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Recognize Others. Reward Results
CSI STARS programs cultivate a workforce that loves coming to work.