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Meaningful Awards and Packaging

We make you look good & your
employees feel great!

CSISTARS helps you celebrate exceptional employee service milestones with our tiered recognition programs.

Offer your employees branded or lifestyle merchandise to celebrate, recognize and reward their career milestones. View our wide selection of Commemorative, Contemporary, Jewelry, Art and Corporate Gift Awards.

We custom design award brochures for every client reflecting your corporate branding and culture. Award brochures are printed on-demand to make sure employees receive the most current product offering with every gift selection they make.


Each award in this collection is designed with your corporate symbolic medallion branding. Your corporate logo is an integral part of the award and serves as a life long memory piece employee will want to proudly display. Tell me more…


Something for everyone! Since each employee is unique so are the items in this collection. Contemporary Awards have been selected for lifestyle-minded recipients who enjoy well-known brands with high value. Contemporary Awards do not include corporate identification. Tell me more…


The Jewelry Collection contains many beautifully crafted pieces, hand selected to ensure something for everyone. Each award in the Jewelry Collection is displayed in a classic presentation gift box. The jewelry box contains your company’s symbolic medallion branding.


Employees will love CSI’s unique Portrait Art Awards Collection. Tell me more…

Corporate Gifts

Our corporate gifting combines tradition with commemorative and contemporary award choices. Each gift is uniquely decorated with your corporate identity, in either gold-plated or silver-finish medallion, presented in elegant gift packaging. Tell me more…

Your CSI Stars Celebration Packaging

The Award Presentation is the most meaningful moment in a Service Anniversary program. It’s your opportunity to acknowledge an employee’s contribution amongst their peers and management. Our personalized presentation packages enhance the extrinsic and intrinsic value of your employees’ gifts.

Choose our Celebration Lite packaging for On-The-Spot Recognition or one of our four classic, budget-conscious Celebration Packages.

Our Packaging Options

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