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Support at Your Fingertips

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CSISTARS Implementation Specialists

Our CSISTARS implementation specialists work directly with your team on all aspects of the program. Our specialists assist your administrators in setting up the system quickly and effectively, getting feedback and running custom reports to measure results.

CSISTARS Dedicated Account Managers

Our Concierge account managers work hand in hand with you … the client program leader. We’ll train your administrators on the system and help managers build awareness of the program for launch and onwards.

CSISTARS Concierge Service Team

The CSISTARS concierge team handles each and every program detail to ensure a hassle free, seamless celebration of your employee’s service anniversary. It is our passion for exceptional customer experiences that will shine in every interaction your employees and administrators have with us.

Have a Question? No Problem

CSI’s Concierge Service Team is here for you

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  • Need help logging into your portal?
  • Need a little help searching for items in the award gallery or placing an order?
  • Have a question about an order you received?
  • Have questions about budgeting, product usage, or online ordering?
  • Need some help conducting a survey or reviewing the results?