Great solutions don’t just magically happen. At CSI we have a collaborative process for building employee engagement and recognition systems and programs.

The Process


1. Mutual Discovery provides an opportunity to get to know each other.

  • Gather background information
  • Understand your objectives and budget
  • Share our business model, comprehensive capabilities and success stories
  • Ultimately determine if there is a potential fit between our companies and agree on the path forward

2. Collaborative Design enables us to work together to ensure a comprehensive solution supports your objectives and budget.

  • Agree on key strategies, tactics and deliverables
  • Utilize the CSI Engagement and Recognition Model for program structure
  • Engage technical resources and other stakeholders to confirm technology requirements
  • Define the metrics by which success will be measured
  • Quote pricing based on the deliverables

3. Engage and Deliver begins with an agreement to work together!

  • Execute formal client agreement
  • Define and introduce implementation teams
  • Led by the CSI Project Manager, develop schedule for Statement of Work completion and program launch
  • Review deliverables, complete Statement of Work and agree on its content
  • Customize and test the software system
  • Execute pre-launch and launch elements
  • Provide ongoing account management and analytics

Best-Practice Engagement and Recognition Model

The CSI Engagement and Recognition Model provides a proven road map for designing a recognition solution that will deliver measurable results linked to your objectives. Our model leverages the power of non-monetary peer-to-peer thank you (appreciation) and social recognition. That is the critical foundation from which we structure additional levels of recognition, define awards and supporting software functionality.

Ultimately our approach is simple – promote, drive, recognize and socialize the key behaviors that lead to greater results, and upon achievement, celebrate the individuals and teams that contributed to the business result.