Heros in the Race for Zero

Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed to so few.

– Winston Churchill

[definition of a hero: someone whose altruistic actions involve
an element of personal risk or sacrifice]

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Some Good News!
AT&T supports frontline nurses and physicians nationwide with three months of free wireless service. Definitely deserved and Some Good News!
Free gas for nurses
Nurses are today’s heroes in the race to zero. A kind Detroit man is doing what he can to support them.

Big business stepping up to support
Big business stepping up to support essential workers and the most vulnerable in their communities.

Astros Foundation partners with Crane Worldwide to help save lives
The Astros Foundation, in partnership with Crane Worldwide has been working to get critical medical supplies to Houston hospitals.
A DIY take-away idea to boost spirits
A DIY take-away idea to boost spirits and raise funds for St. Petersburg Free Clinic.

Texas Roadhouse CEO is giving up his paycheque
Texas Roadhouse CEO is taking one for the team and setting a great example for other executives to follow.

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