Before Covid19, this example used to be more humorous than important

Before Covid19, this example used to be more humorous than important

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Before Covid19, this example used to be more humorous than important

Now, it is a matter of survival for you and maybe your company if you lead or support Human Resources.

I am going to ask you to do one thing; if you have a mirror pick it up. If you don’t, grab your cellphone and put it in selfie mode. If you don’t have either of those find a reflective surface or a puddle. Look at yourself and answer this question:

Are you an HR professional or are you an HR Weenie?

You may say, “that’s a shocking question.” Let me help you with the definition, so as you are staring into that reflective surface or mirror you can answer honestly.

An HR professional is one who adds value to the business by removing obstacles to excellence, develops talent so they are marketable, and recognizes and rewards the excellence as it is performed.

The unfortunate HR weenie holds the title of Human Resources, but unfortunately should really carry a card that says… Human Remains.

Although these people have the words Human Resources in their title, these HR weenies don’t add value. They don’t remove obstacles. These HR weenies become obsessed with policies and procedures that become bureaucratic obstacles and add no business value.

Here is an acid test for you!

In the space of a bumper sticker, can you answer how you and your team have added bottom line results to the business when asked by the CFO?

Let me give you a hint.

If you stutter, stammer or plain don’t know the answer to the question, I can pretty much guarantee you are going to end up in a weenie roast.

If, however, you would like to get a copy of the (secret, until now) four imperatives of HR Winners, please cut off the finger of choice and mail in a Ziploc bag to CSI STARS.

That’s winners not wieners, FYI.

Author: Peter Psichogios

Peter PsichogiosPeter Psichogios is an author, business leader, Chief Experience Officer & Pied Piper of P3. Peter works directly with you to create organizational alignment among your leaders, employees, sales channels and customers.