Thoughts on Common Sense

Thoughts on Common Sense

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Thoughts on Common Sense

Common Sense says that with the speed of change, the best position for your employees today might not be the most suitable position tomorrow! It is also common sense, that almost all people need encouragement and recognition to take on new challenges. Common Sense says we all need to foster community in our Organizations today. Many employees fear their jobs will be taken by exterior forces, such as AI & automation. It’s Common Sense that the companies that focus on profit over people – sometimes even undermining their ethics to do so – don’t win in the long run.

Why? Common Sense is why.

Talented people won’t work for them. Customers won’t purchase their products or services.

“At a time when people change jobs with almost the same regularity with which they change their passwords, community keeps people loyal to their organizations.”

It’s Common Sense , people come together to make communities, and community is the forum for storytelling.

It’s Common Sense that employees are more loyal to organizations who create community, develop talent and teach by story telling. Here is a free dose (all is) of Common Sense for you.

“If you want to change your stories, you must start by changing your experiences!!”

Author: Peter Psichogios

Peter PsichogiosPeter Psichogios is an author, business leader, Chief Experience Officer & Pied Piper of P3. Peter works directly with you to create organizational alignment among your leaders, employees, sales channels and customers.